My Introduction thread on the Pantheon Forums:

Wanted to stop in and say hello to everyone here at Pantheon. I have been waiting for this game for quite a while. I was playing Dragon Realms when the people I was playing with started disappearing. Little by little they just kept leaving. I finally asked a friend where everyone was going, and he told me about this new game that he was heading to soon. I had played a lot of different top-down 2D games, but he said that this was the first 3D game world ever created. Wow that caught my attention. I researched this new game and decided I had to try it. Of course, it was Everquest. My wife made me wait until my birthday to give my present, a brand-new copy of the game. That was June 15, 1999. I created my first character on June 16, 1999 and never looked back. Here he is:

I played for many years, these are a couple of my other characters from Everquest, my Ranger:

My Paly:

And my favorite character that I played as my main, my Necromancer:


I really enjoyed have a unique roll in dungeons and raids, I could summon your corpse. What a great skill unless we wiped in the planes, that was full corpse run. I am so excited to find out more about Pantheons Necro, I would love to see them at release. I currently just raid in WOW, waiting for Pantheon to bring back that feeling that I haven’t felt since those early Everquest days. My current character is as close to a necro as I can get in WOW, an Affliction Warlock.

My Harvesting skill is Herbalism, my Crafting skill is Alchemy. Yeah, I love Trade skills. So, hello again to the entire community, I’m glad to be here. This is going to be one great game.