When you’ve received your first harvesting sickle you’ll need to find some plants or fungi to get started.

Many will be local to specific zones or regions, so your experience will vary depending on where you travel. You’ll want to search high and low if gathering is of interest to you as you never know what you may find around the next bend or over the next hill.

Early on a gatherer should expect to interact with more mundane plants and fungi, such as basic crops, herbs, roots, fibrous plants like jute, and a variety of mushrooms.

As a gatherer grows their skills and upgrades their sickle they’ll be able to harvest more exotic targets such as the corpses of nature-based elementals, myconids, and plants rich in raw energies.

The primary use for gathering yields is in crafting recipes for Alchemists and Provisioners, with some overlap for Scribes and Outfitters.