Want to turn your unwanted items back in to raw ingredients or crafting subcomponents? This is the skill for harvesters that like destroying things!

Players wanting to work on salvaging will need to get their hands on a salvager’s kit and then take their excess armor, weapons, tools, and accessories to an appropriate workstation. Metal goods go the forge, tailored goods go to the loom, wooden goods go to the woodworker’s bench, and jewelry goes to the stonemason’s bench.

Salvagers that are just starting out will find themselves most often receiving raw or broken scraps, bits, and flecks back from their efforts.

As a salvager gains more skill though they’ll be more likely to receive crafting components back such as ingots, bolts of cloth, armor padding, bits of chain, and cut gems and stones.

Most professions share equally in the yields from salvaging. The exceptions are Alchemists and Provisioners, as separating liquids and foodstuffs is a bit sticky.