6.0 What are the plans for crafting in Pantheon?

Crafting is an important part of Pantheon. A big emphasis is going to be on cooperation between adventurers and crafters. There exists a symbiotic relationship, not competition — both adventurers and crafters will need each other. With as many horizontal content paths as we’re going to have, you’re going to want to seek crafters for those very specific situations. Instead of having to farm a specific piece of gear, it might be more beneficial to find a crafter with that recipe.

Some items drop when you kill a mob while others are harvestable and others are crafted. Other than a few class-specific rewards, such as epic quest items, many items will be craftable. Crafting also goes hand-in-hand with dropped items by allowing players to customize their gear. Players can often bring items to a crafter to customize and tailor them to their specific needs. Since a customized item is meant specifically for your character the item will likely be bound (un-tradable) but this allows the crafter to squeeze out some additional power from a dropped item. That said, it is possible (TBD) you could later break down the item into components allowing another crafter to use those materials to augment something for you in the future.

6.1 Can I just craft and avoid combat?

To some degree although special crafting areas require some significant combat effort to reach. Players who are both adventurers and crafters will greatly benefit from being masters of both.

6.2 What type of special crafting areas are there?

Some items in Pantheon require certain climates to create. For example, located in Amberfaet is The Anvil, a naturally occurring region in the zone and a scorching environment inside a frigid environment. Crafters will be required to acclimate to the scorching environment to eventually use The Anvil for crafting.

6.3 Are there plans for secondary/ancillary skills like fishing?

Yes, secondary skills like fishing are fun and something different to do, perhaps during some downtime.

6.4 Will there be crafted or player housing?

Housing isn’t currently a planned release feature. Doing housing properly is a big deal. We don’t want instanced housing or open world housing where urban sprawl takes up half the world and people can’t find a place to make their home. Post launch, we are looking at some ideas that affect gameplay such as Outposts that guilds could set up in areas appropriate to their level, and other players could visit their outpost. When they are done, kind of like the Wild West, you can pick up your wagon of stuff and move your Outpost. Again, this idea would be a post-launch feature.

6.5 What will the in-game economy model be like?

Having a player-driven economy is an important part of Pantheon and we want a heavy focus on player-to-player trading. Items need to come in and out of the economy regularly. Keeping items scarce and adding item sinks to give reason to donate or sacrifice your items will be important to the game. With some exceptions (quest items, epic-quest items, crafter customized items) almost everything in the game will be tradable. We want exotic items found in one end of the world to be very valuable elsewhere.

6.6 What is the plan for player trading systems?

There will be an in-game trading system that you can use to directly trade with other players. In addition, there will be Auction Houses, but they will be local only. We wanted to make sure that supply and demand exists in various parts of the world, and the benefits are many to trading in the various different regions of Terminus. As a post launch feature, we may allow players to set up their own merchants. As a reminder, all in-game trading systems will be for in-game items and currency only – not real money transactions.