Pantheon DevStream Jan. 20

If you haven’t seen the latest DevStream from @PantheonMMO Check it out here:

There was a reference to Enchanting on this DevStream but unfortunately no new beans / information was actually released.

This question was asked during the QA:

Are there any plans for permanent consequences for certain actions in the game? Example: Enchanting armor and trying to put one to many enchants on it and having it permanently destroyed or maybe something quest related.

Joppa responded with: It’s a good rule of thumb to think about the positives and negatives, but that will have to be put aside for now as far as anything definitive.

That opens up a whole myriad of questions such as 1) How many times can you enchant an item? 2) Can you remove an enchant from an item? 3) Can the item be permanently destroyed? And many more questions that are still unanswered.

Stay tuned to the bi-weekly DevStream and hopefully we will get a crafting update in the near future.

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